Our Story

We founded faceDFNDR because we couldn’t find a good three-layer reusable face mask that fit properly. Most of the ones we tried were either too loose or too tight. So, we decided to do something about it. We decided to make our own.

We started to do our research. And a lot of it. We researched every aspect of face mask making from the fit, to fabrics, to size as well as filtration mechanisms.  And finally, we came up with a design that we think is both practical and stylish.

We are based in the UK. In Somerset to be precise. All our masks are handmade – with a meticulous attention to detail – by a collective of local seamstresses. Some of whom saw their own work start to dry up as the economic impact of the pandemic took hold. Happily, they’re all busy bees now.

We try in our own small way to be a force for good. We go out of our way to choose suppliers that have the best sustainability polices, practices and reputations. We aim to ensure our environmental footprint is as small as possible.

We, like you, hope this will all be over soon so we can get back to normal. But in the meantime: take care of yourself and your family and friends.

❤️ from the faceDFNDR team.